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This LED light is made from pure Aluminum that enables to build the LED lights in various sizes ranging from 30 cm upwards. This has significant application in providing brightness in high ceiling constructions such as sports arenas and industrial buildings. The LED lights could be installed either vertically or horizontally, in different heights depending on its application. Industrial SMD LED lights are not suitable as they cannot reduce the LED heating and have a short life.

However, since the ASIS-Global industrial LED lights have been sophisticatedly designed to reduce the heating from three sides, they can significantly reduce the LED heating. The ASIS-Global industrial LED lights also have been designed in various lengths so they can brighten wider space evenly.  In some industrial constructions they need the LED lights to be installed very close to the machineries that is another capability of the ASIS-Global industrial LED lights.

LED Projector AGB Model

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